2016 – 2017 Grand Chapter

Worthy Grand MatronSusan McGinnis
Worthy Grand PatronFrancis “Pete” Peterson
Associate Grand MatronWanda Ryan
Associate Grand PatronHank Turnbaugh
Grand SecretaryPaula Gettles, PGM
Grand TreasurerJames W. Billings, PGP
Grand ConductressMary Hayselden
Associate Grand ConductressGarrie Oppitz
Grand Trustee – 2012-2013 – ChairKathy Johnson, PGM
Grand Trustee – 2013-2014Karen J. Adams, PGM
Grand Trustee – 2014-2015Don Flickinger, PGP
Grand Trustee – 2015-2016Kathryn L Johnson, PGM
Grand Trustee – 2016-2017Larry Swaim, GGCCM, PGP
Grand ChaplainJana Goebel
Grand MarshalKaren Monteith
Grand OrganistCarol Salmon
Grand AdahMelanie Marcy
Grand RuthShiela Worden
Grand EstherSusan Dennett
Grand MarthaCindy Smith
Grand ElectaDonna Low
Grand WarderRuby Barclay
Grand SentinelStephen (Steve) W. Boyer

The 141st “God’s Gift of Friendship” Session was held at the Ramada Hotel and Convention Center, Topeka, Kansas on April 25-27, 2017.

Our Theme:
God’s Gift of Friendship

Our Aim:
To build our order by increasing membership with friendship and fun and working closely with all our Masonic Orders.

Our Watch-words:
Live – each day to the fullest
Laugh – to enjoy each adventure you take
Learn – To do the best you can and
Love – as if there is no tomorrow!

WGM: Of all the gifts God gives to us, friendship is one of his greatest blessings!
WGP: Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody!

WGM: This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends. John 15:12-13
WGP: “And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24

Our Emblems:
Angels, Crosses, Doves, Stars and Hearts

Words of Wisdom
WGM: “When a door is closed, somewhere God opens a window to give you the opportunity to find what you may need.”
WGP: “The only unsinkable ship is Friendship” – Author Unknown

Just for Fun
WGM: The Tin Man (for the heart we all have)
Smiley faces (keep smiling, it works)
Unicorns (for the dreams we may have)
WGP: Anchor – to provide support and stability
Checkered Flag – Car Racing
3 Musketeers Candy Bar

Honor Station
WGM: Adah and Warder in memory of my first station and honor to my mother for all her support.
WGP: Chaplain – My favorite station
Secretary – In memory my of mother who was secretary for many years

Our Colors:
Royal blue, Silver, Red, Green and Gold; colors that match our beautiful Star Points

Our Flowers:
Spider Mums and Peace Rose

Our Charities:
American Heart Association – Research
General Grand Chapter Projects – Service Dogs

OES Service Projects:

  • OES Scholarships
  • Grand Chapter Session
  • Kansas Masonic Home
  • Children’s Mercy Baby Items Project
  • Star Gazer
  • OES Office Equipment Update
  • WGM/WGP Project of Choice

Community Service Projects:

  • Local Food Bank
  • Travel Toiletries and Tabby Tops for Ronald McDonald House
  • Box Top Labels for Education
  • Touched by a Star Cards
  • Local Police Bears for Kids

Our Activities:

  • Kansas/Nebraska Exchange
  • 5-State Fun Gathering (Overland Park, KS)
  • Alpha-Omega Sewing Day

On the Road Again, Amazing Grace, You Got a Friend, In the Garden, Its a Small World, You Raise Me Up, The Rose, Angels Among Us, The River

We dedicate this year to our sisters and brothers in this great state of Kansas and our families. Each of you are a part of this Grand Jurisdiction and are needed to rebuild and grow our Beautiful Order. We thank all who have encouraged, assisted, and supported us in this adventure and pray we serve to the best of our abilities and the good of our Order. It is a privilege to stand and serve you. We thank God for this gift of friendship and our hearts to use as he has directed.

Jurisdiction Name Expiring Date
Alabama Melvin L. Luttrell January 1, 2018
Alberta Laura Jean Easley December 31, 2017
Arizona Michele Jeselnik March 1, 2018
Arkansas Dawn Crumpley February 10, 2019
Australia Nancy Hayselden December 31, 2018
Bolivia Martha Ann Hullet December 31, 2018
British Columbia Yukon Richard Tennant December 31, 2017
California James F. Billups December 31, 2017
Colorado Evelyn VanVleet April 1, 2017
Connecticut Barbara Huford December 31, 2018
Delaware Wayma Jean Ramirez December 31, 2017
District Of Columbia Helen Ohlsson February 14, 2019
Florida Glenda Gilpin January 1, 2018
Georgia Jamie Ann Morgan March 1, 2018
Idaho Roy Freiburger January 1, 2018
Illinois Cheryl Gross March 31, 2018
Indiana Jean Elgin February 7, 2018
Iowa James W. Rupe April 1, 2017
Italy Janet Reichert January 1, 2017
Kentucky Nola Vice March 1, 2018
Louisiana Debbie Anderson January 1, 2017
Maine Marlene Budh March 1, 2019
Manitoba Helen E. Edwards June 30, 2017
Maryland Lynda Franken April 1, 2018
Massachusetts Billy John Stewart December 31, 2018
Michigan Charles Marcy January 1, 2019
Minnesota Katherine Ditty December 31, 2018
Mississippi Jaqueline McClain Kremer December 31, 2017
Missouri Carol Anderson January 1, 2019
Montana Glenda S. Perkins March 31, 2018
Nebraska Evelyn Atkinson October 1, 2017
Nevada Jean Osbourn December 31, 2018
New Brunswick Pam McGowne December 31, 2017
New Hampshire Sharon Harrison January 1, 2018
New Jersey David Ahlstrom January 1, 2019
New Mexico Thomas Stevens January 1, 2018
New York Ruthann Boatwright June 1, 2017
North Carolina Zella Altman January 1, 2018
North Dakota Ronda R. Theroff January 1, 2018
Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Linda Engstrom December 31, 2018
Ohio Doris Elrod August 1, 2017
Oklahoma Marlene Flickinger April 1, 2017
Ontario Jean Searls December 31, 2017
Oregon Annis S Wright January 1, 2018
Pennsylvania Sondra Peterson November 15, 2018
Puerto Rico Gerald Rodman March 31, 2017
Quebec Vicky Boyer August 20, 2017
Rhode Island Deborah Westerman December 31, 2018
San Paulo Jeannie Haas December 31, 2017
Saskatchewan Ann Michelle Mickey December 31, 2017
Scotland Jeanine Glidewell December 31, 2017
South Carolina Richard Wortman April 1, 2017
South Dakota Jo Ann Duvall January 1, 2018
Tennessee Barbara Lear January 1, 2018
Texas Ron Kammerer August 2, 2017
Utah Robert Quanz December 31, 2017
Vermont Charlotte Ratliff March 1, 2018
Virginia Margaret Nelson February 1, 2018
Washington Keith Carr December 1, 2017
West Virginia Adrienne M.White December 31, 2018
Wisconsin Emily Say April 1, 2018
Wyoming Judith Ann Welch January 1, 2017

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